Torn Within

Mount Pearl Junior High School
Mount Pearl, Newfoundland

By Chris (Grade 9)

Have you ever danced with the gods?
Their temptation summoning you?
Do you need those things that you want?
And will you do what they tell you to?

Is the power of money worth all that?
To be ripped apart within.
You ponder it for a while mentally,
Your mind ignoring sin.

The song of the Enemy, plays on repeat,
All values on the line.
To accept and regret this move so true,
The end, not so divine.

He knows what he wants, not what he needs,
Things would be so right.
But watch your feet on the stepping stone,
Evil is lurking tonight.

Halls of justice painted green,
Money talking.
Wolves of greed beset your door,
Hear them stalking.

This ambition's gone bad,
Family values decay.
Now make the right move, Kino,
Lest all hope be washed away.

Greed and ambition do not mix,
A mindstorm will result.
Flurries of Evil, feeling so grim,
Torment and Assault.

Now, Kino, you'll make the right choice,
Just follow your feelings at heart.
Trust all good and slay all evil,
'Cause temptation is Satan's art.

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