GVC Christmas Concerts

Garden Valley Collegate
Winkler, Manitoba

By Angeline (Grade 12)

Garden Valley Collegiate Christmas Concerts are just around the corner and the bands and choirs are prepared for the upcoming performances on Dec. 3 & 4.

Both music directors are very excited about this year's Christmas Concerts because of the fact that there will be many different things happening this time. This year will be distictive from the rest because of the Jazz Band that will be performing.

This Jazz band is a group of musicians that get together and practice once a week so they can play at performances such as these. The choir will also be doing something different this year, which is adding instruments along with their singing. Instruments such as the flute, double bass, and bongo drums.

The bands have been practising their Christmas music since mid-October. According to choir director Loretta Thorleifson, the choirs have been practising since the beginning of the school year with about 24 hours of rehearsal.

Mr. Paul Moen the band director says, " The students have put in about 16 hours of practice together as a band, not including their individual practice time."

There will be the three choirs performing this year, the Senior I, II, and the Senior Concert choir. Both the bands and the choirs will each be performing four pieces of music. These students have an interest in music, and like to perform. Most students in the bands have been playing their instruments since grade six or seven.

In addition to the Senior Concert choirs four pieces they will also be singing the wonderful Hallejuah Chorus where the audience may join in.

Everyone loves this part, but Thorleifson says it is far too over-rated. Instead Thorleifson feels the best part is, " When one of the choirs really gets into the piece of music they are singing, and communicates with one another to bring out the music so wonderfully."

Moen says these Christmas concerts usually attract about 500 people every year but, "The most rewarding part of the evening is to see the response from the audience as well as from the participants of a job well done."

The Christmas Concerts are scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m at Garden Valley Collegiate on Dec. 3 and 4.

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