Provincial Play or Financial Burden?

By Kristen Brown
Roncalli Central High School
Port Saunders, Newfoundland

Bake sales, hot dinners, dances, business and organization donations. What do all of these have in common? These are just a few of the many activities that school sport teams must organize in order to raise money.

Every student cherishes the chance to earn their way to a provincial showdown. But there is one huge obstacle that these teams seem to be facing which would hinder their attendance. Finances!! For every chance there is to attend a provincial tournament comes the expenses of travel, meals, and accommodations for both the athletes and coaches alike.


In the first three years of the current school year, three teams from Roncalli High have made it to provincial tournaments. The teams have had to come up with $4000 and most of this money coming from the fund raising efforts of the students themselves.

Aurel Beaupr , a coach at the school says, "When school teams finally make it to the provincial scene, raising sufficient funds in a one-week period, does place tremendous strain on not only the team, but the school and community as well. It takes away from practice time and even affects the focus of players."

He went on to say that asking the community to keep donating time after time sometimes gets out of hand and that it would be much more beneficial if such funds were available without having to raise it.

Another posing problem is the pressure it places on the parents of the athletes in smaller much more rural schools. This is due to the same students being involved in most all activities.

"I find there is a lot of strain put on our parents. Most of the time when we have fund-raisers, our parents are the ones donating the supplies, and then they end up giving us other money besides," says Danette Payne, a student of Roncalli High who has already attended two provincial tournaments this year.

With the school sports life being encouraged more and more each year, it is positively certain that there must be a more sufficient and accessible way to meet the financial requirements that arise. By this, students can focus on their school work and practices, parents will not be up all night baking cookies and preparing for hot dinners, and the community will not be hassled for extra donations.