The White Ribbon Campaign: changing young men's attitudes about violence?

It's frightening for a woman to think that her boyfriend, father, brother, or the guy who lives next door could ever hurt her or any other woman. However, it happens everyday.
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Good advice for graduating students

"What are you doing next year?" Why is such a simple question so despised among most Grade 12 students?
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Volunteering - a good way to help other people

Learning how to knit, hearing what happened ‘way back when', or just listening to what's on a patients mind.
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World Kids Voyage: delivering hope

Captain Eric Blackburn and his 30-foot sailboat have been travelling the world, looking for places that need the hope and support of people in North America.
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Manitoba teacher visits Florida's on-line high school

Florida was the recent travel destination for one Garden Valley Collegiate teacher. English teacher Shauna Hamm made a trip to Orlando to visit the site of Florida's on-line high school.
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Taber: grieving father prays for end of violence

Students at Garden Valley Collegiate gathered in the school gymnasium for a very rare occasion on
November 23 -- to hear Reverend Dale Lang from Taber, Alberta speak about his son, Jason, who
was gunned down in a hallway of his school on April 28, 1999.
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