Millennium Countdown


Teenagers' lives changed throughout the century

The 1900s marked the beginning of a new century, one that would allow people to grow and develop, and of course it was to be the century of technological advancement.
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Y2K Bug: keep the lights on and your money in the bank

I know a lot of people believe in the Y2K bug and in the problems that may occur on the turnover from December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2000. These problems, however, will probably not occur.
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Looking back on the century of change

As the new century and millennium dawn on us, and the old ones draw to a close, I find myself looking more to the past than to the future.
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Blade Runner offers dark view of 21st century

"Wake up, it's time to die!" This is one of the most chilling and most memorable lines from the cult classic, "Blade Runner."
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