Hasn't the world seen enough of James Bond?

By Karyn Rudance
Hope Secondary School
Hope, British Columbia

"007 The World is Not Enough" is enough. When are the producers going to let Bond go? They've used every trick possible and are still trying to keep their audience happy by pumping out more bad lines, near-death stunts and sex.

I found that the plot for this movie was confusing and the outcome was predictable. Electra King, daughter of a late (murdered) oil tycoon, is on the quest to find the murderer and take over her father's business.

By staging her own kidnapping, she causes James Bond to momentarily fall for her before he realizes that she is behind it all. By killing off her father, she creates for herself the perfect "innocent victim" scenario that she uses to fool most people on the case. Meanwhile, she is planning to blow up all competing oil pipelines so that the King Oil industry is the only one left standing.

007 The World is Not Enough
starring Pierce Brosnan

I knew by the first half hour of this 2 hour and 50 minute long movie that it was her, and practically slept through the rest of the film. The action scenes were scarce and when they finally did occur they were way too unrealistic. I wouldn't suggest that anybody go and see this movie unless you are a die-hard Bond fan and cannot live another day without seeing it. Otherwise, save your money and go see something worthwhile.