Adam Sandler gets plenty of laughs as The Waterboy

By Frankie Cousins
Bonaventure Meadows Public School
London, Ontario

Many critiques have acclaimed The Waterboy as one of the funniest Adam Sandler movies ever. And after this reporter went to see the so called hype of the year, he has to agree with the critique.

If you are an Adam Sandler fan this is a must see movie for you. Many people will remember Sandler as Happy Gilmor when he was a hockey player gone golfer trying to win money to save his Grandmother's house which he grew up in after his dad was killed by a flying puck at a hockey game.

Adam Sandler

This time, he's playing the quick witted Bobby Boucher, the waterboy for one of the NCAA's best football teams. That's until the team starts picking on Bobby and the coach fires him for "distracting the team". As Bobby leaves on his lawnmower, yes you read right, lawnmower, with water equipment all loaded in hand he doesn't realize that getting fired is the best thing to ever happen to him.

Bobby, now out of a job, is trying to find a buyer for a professional Waterboy. Along the way he talks to his favorite Wrestler, Captain Insano (The Giant of WCW).Bobby finally gets success when he meets up with the coach of one of the worst NCAA football teams.

Now that Bobby has a new team and a coach that supports him, he wastes no time establishing himself as a great waterboy, but it seems that most of the team thinks he's a dork, and welcome him with a smash through his water table. After seeing this display of "Welcoming", the coach tells Bobby that he's got to stick up for himself by picturing someone who really makes him mad. After the next play, Bobby pictures his old Coach and his old team and practically gives the starting quarterback a concussion. Soon, Bobby is playing for the team and getting a college education and proving to everyone that he's no wimp.

One of my favorite parts in the movie is when the Coach says, "Bobby, Gatorade is better than water!" As Bobby looks confused, the Coach replies,"Use it on the field." Bobby runs onto the field and looks at the quarterback, who now looks to Bobby like his old coach and says,"Not only does Gatorade quench your thirst but it taste better too." Now the offensive line breaks into chorus,"Water sucks, it really, really sucks, it sucks!" "No it doesn't!"replies Bobby.

I give the Waterboy nine out of ten stars. So go see it, you won't regret paying the money. I


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