Parents get busy as hockey season comes around

The headaches are about to start again for most parents as the season starts for Minor Hockey.
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Is Mark McGwire someone kids should look up to?

Setting a record for the most home runs in one season, Mark McGwire has become a role model to many children and adults.
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Sheldon Kennedy: Portrait of a hero

Nineteen ninety-six will be a year to remember in the hockey world, and all across the country. Former NHL and CHL player, Sheldon Kennedy came forward with stunning accusations of sexual abuse against his former CHL coach, Graham James.
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Olympian advises students to best the best they can

When Olympic volleyball player Michelle Sawatsky spoke to students at Garden Valley Collegiate on November 27 as a part of their Drug Awareness Week, she did not speak directly on drug use.
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Volleyball champ urge students to "Never Stop Learning!"

Keith Sanheim is currently ranked as one of the best volleyball players in Canada. No, he isn't a "Superman." He is an ordinary guy from a small school in Manitoba, but he has lived in Germany, France, Japan, and Italy.
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