Junior Reporters

Moving day is hard for best friends

by Anna and Ashley
North Battleford, Saskatchewan

Chapter 1 -My friend Katelynn

Chapter 2- Bad News

Chapter 3 - Before I Go to Bed

Chapter 4 - the Big day

Chapter 1 - My friend Katelynn

Hi! My name is Anna. In three days, it is my birthday. I am so excited! My best friend Katelynn is going to be there. Katelynn is my best friend in the whole world. We've been friends since, well, since I moved here to North Battleford. At school we do lots of things together. We play together, we read books together and we do other things together, too. She is my very best friend. Well, enough about Katelynn. I have to go to school! I am going to miss the bus! See ya! I've got to run!

 I was almost at the school playground when I saw Katelynn waiting for me (she always waits for me). She was jumping up and down. I could see she was excited about my birthday too. When I got closer to her, I ran up to her.

"I am so excited about your birthday, Anna!" she said, excitedly. "It's going to be so much fun!"

Just then the bell rang. We went into the school. We rushed inside the school. We made sure
we were never late. Our teacher has rules about that, but she is very nice. First we sang our "O Canada", then we said "Our Father", then we prayed the Rosary. We did Religion, Math, Spelling, Phonics. The bell rang to go home for lunch. I walk home, but too bad Katelynn doesn't. Her mom doesn't have time to make a lunch for her so she buys a lunch at the store. I said good-bye and I walk home with my sister Paula. I ate lunch and hurried back to school. Usually it is recess already. Then the bell rang. I rushed inside and saw Katelynn. We walked to the classroom together. When we got to the classroom our teacher was smiling at us. We smiled back then went to our desks. (Unfortunately our desks aren't side by side).

When we sat down Mrs. Dewan came in. We did a couple of things, and then we said goodbye to Mrs. Dewan. We checked Math, then Phonics. The fives (the last person in the row) passed out a math sheet. We did that. Then we checked it. Then a storyteller came in. His name was….umm…his name was, I forget. Well, his name isn't I forget, I just forget his name, ok. He tells great stories.

The bell rang to go home. I said bye to Katelynn. I walked home with Tala and Ashley and of course, how could I forget, my sister Paula. Pretty soon it was time to say good-bye to Tala. She goes home before any of us because she lives on 23rd street. I live on 24th street. My address is 2118 24th Street. We said bye to Tala. Me, Ashley and Paula kept walking. Then I said bye to Ashley because it was our turn to go home. Ashley walks the rest of the way by herself. Ashley has a little sister too, but she is in kindergarten. Her name is Miranda. Paula and Miranda are friends. In fact, I think they are best friends, by the looks of it.

Anyway, we were at my Auntie's house… I guess you are wondering why I'm at my Auntie's house not at my house well…. My mom doesn't have enough money to buy a house so we moved in. Before we lived in an apartment building. I hated that apartment building. It was too small to run around in.There was no backyard! No place to run around! Can you believe it! It's true! Nothing but parking lots. It was not fair at all! We always had to be quiet. I'm glad we moved. Really glad.

My Auntie let me, my sister and my cousins (Eddie and Joey) eat ice cream outside on our swing set. Oh! Did I tell you about my cousins? Their names are Eddie and Joey. They are only little. Eddie is three and Joey is one year old.  

Chapter 2 - Bad News

When we were done our ice cream, I got a phone call. It was Katelynn. Her mom said she could only come for an hour. Then she hung up.

"AN HOUR", I said out loud. "Katelynn can only come to my birthday for an hour."

"Well, at least she can come" said my Auntie.

I bet you're wondering where my mom is. Well, she went to Winnipeg. She is not going to be back until Wednesday. That is a long time because today is only Sunday. Whoops! How could it be Sunday? There is no school on Sunday. Silly me. Sorry about that. Sometimes I get confused. Today is Monday. It is a long time though. That's bad news, isn't it? Well, to me it is. But the worst news is that Katelynn can't come to my birthday for the whole thing. Too bad. She is my best friend.

Just then, I got another phone call. It was my mom.

"Hi mom", I said.

"Hi Anna," she said. "I have news. We are moving to the USA. It's going to be fun".

Uhh, yeah, really fun. Bye. Think of my teacher and Katelynn and all my friends. Ahhh man!

Chapter 3 - Before I Go to Bed

It is the day before my birthday. Before I go to bed, I have my bedtime snack and then brush my teeth. And get my pajamas on. But, I am still not ready for bed. First, I go get my favorite teddy bear. Then me and my little cousin Joey go into our room. My auntie puts Joey into his crib. Sometimes he cries a little, but I don't mind. Sometimes he doesn't cry at all. Then my Auntie goes and gets my mom. After a couple of minutes, my mom comes in.

We say our prayers. The prayer we say is one I made up. I like making up things. My mom loves the prayers I say. Then I give my mom a hug and a kiss. I lay in my bed and the room gets darker and darker. It was too bad Katelynn couldn't come for the whole thing. I mean, she is my very best friend. Well, my other friends are going to be there too. This is the number of people I invited, eighteen people. Jamie couldn't come. That's 18-1=17. 17 kids. Good night. Good ohhhh night. 

Chapter 4 - The Big Day

I woke up. My sister was standing in the doorway. I know, I know time to get up. She always stands in the doorway and says that.

"I'm not going to tell you to wake up silly", said my sister. "Today is your birthday".

"It is…it is … IT IS!" I said.

"Yes, it is, silly," my sister muttered. She walked away. "That Anna doesn't even remember her own birthday".

I sprung up from bed, got dressed, ate breakfast and put on my bookbag and went out the door. Paula and I ran to school.

"What's the rush", she asked. "The rush is, I got to get to school before the bell rings. I do not want to be late".

I saw Katelynn waiting for me.

"Can you come for the whole party?" I asked.

"No", she said.

"Aaahh, too bad. I really wanted you to come for the whole thing".

Then we went inside. We did a couple of things then the bell rang for lunch. Ashley, Paula and I walked home for lunch. I ate lunch and came back to school. We did Phonics, Math and a couple other things. Then the bell rang to go home. I was in a hurry and did not wait for anyone. I just ran home. It was my birthday party. I had to be there early.

When I got there, people started coming. When everyone was there, we had hot dogs, cake and juice. Then, we opened presents. Then we went in the swimming pool. After an hour, it was time for Katelynn to go. I rushed out of the water to give her a treat bag.


"Happy Birthday", she said, as I gave her the treat bag.

"Bye", I said, "thanks for coming".

"You're welcome", she said.

"I want you to know you're my best friend", I said.

"You're mine too".

"I'm moving tomorrow, see ya!"



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