Metallica: Back in the garage

By Kelly Osadchuk
Westgate Collegiate
Thunder Bay, Ontario

On November 24, the heavy metal band, Metallica, came out with Garage Inc., a brand new double album.

This isn't a normal Metallica album though. It's a two c-d collection of their favourite cover tunes. That means 27 "metallized" classics.

The first disc is full of all new covers recorded this year, while disc two is a collection of all the cover songs they recorded in previous EP's from the 1980s. Groups covered in this album range from legends like Queen, Black Sabbath and Motorhead to popular underground bands like the Misfits and Overkill. There's even a Bob Seiger song from the early seventies.

While disc two is all hard, fast metal to the max, the first disc has a bit wider range of musical styles. It has the fast, hard metal like the second disc, but also has some slower and more thoughtful songs rather than all hard thrashy riffs.

Their first single is a perfect example of that. "Turn The Page" is an old Bob Seiger song from the early seventies. I have never heard the original Bob Seiger version, but the metallized version is definitely kick a*#.

In fact, I have yet to hear any of the songs from either disc as they were recorded by the original artists, but I'm sure Metallica did all of them justice. All in all, this is one disc that I think will satisfy everyone's musical thirst, and a disc that I, for one, would not want to miss buying.


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