Getting even

Roncalli Central High
Port Saunders, Newfoundland

By Kristy H. (Grade 12)

His fist came down hard on the hardwood table. She screamed in terror, "I'm sorry ! It will never happen again!" Her eyes were full of fear. His were full of hate. She knew he was having a fit. This was not the first time this had happened. It had happened many times before. Each time it ended in bruises, broken bones, and fear. When a fit occurred, he was like a mad bull tearing his way out of hell and he would tear his way through anyone and anything that got in his way.

It had not begun this way. They were young, in love. She thought it was the real thing. It was all a disguise. But, unfortunately, his true identity was now shining through.

He hit her again and again. Hard! Hard! and even Harder! Sharp pain circulated through her limp, lifeless, body. She was unconscious, bleeding, battered, and bruised.

As usual, when she awoke, she was lying on a cold, hard hospital bed. She was in unbearable pain. She was confused but mostly afraid.

This time, it had gone too far. She had come too close to death. It was time to get him back. She would not go to the police ... NO! It was time to get even!

She spent a few weeks in the hospital and then recovered fully, physically, but not emotionally. She went on with her life, as he also did, just like nothing had ever happened.

One morning about 1:30, he came home from the nearby bar. He was polluted. That day he had lost his job and now he had lost the little money he had in a silly game of poker. He was mad and ready to kill. She was afraid he would. She obeyed everything he said for she feared for her life. After a slight argument, a tug of war and lots of name-calling, he finally passed out on the tile floor in the living room.

"IT'S TIME! IT'S TIME!" she kept repeating.

At approximately 2:30 am, she crept into the living room, ready to face the deed that was in front of her. In her trembling hand she held a knife. The room was dark. All she could see was the lifeless body lying on the floor. She watched and she watched until a sudden movement awakened him. He rolled over only to see the shine of the steel blade coming closer, closer, until it struck him in the chest. An agonizing pain filled his body and then everything began to fade.

She sat there, filled with relief. It was all over! She need never fear him again!

In the meantime, the phone rang at the local police station. A woman's voice spoke.

"Hello, Officer, I've just killed my husband!"

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