The gift?

Roncalli Central High
Port Saunders, Newfoundland

By Krista P. (Grade 12)

"Will it ever be revealed?" I asked myself. Yet, the more I tried to discourage myself, the more excited I became. If someone had asked me how long I was there, I would have said years, but it was only seconds. Maybe if I had left it alone I wouldn't have been so corrupted and distraught now but I was yet to learn, prior to my many earlier beliefs, that we cannot turn back time.

The red and green paper used as a barrier between my destined fate and myself could certainly be considered an obstacle. I could never understand why gifts were wrapped anyway. It is not only a waste of time and paper, it is also very harsh on nervous systems considering the intense anxiety you accumulate while the gift is under the tree for a week, and your curiosity is running wild.

Yet, this was not the only problem I had to overcome. Every two milliseconds, my mother would flash a camera in my face. "Smile for the camera," she would say. "Show me those pearly whites." As if I wanted to smile when all my efforts were about to be rewarded by a gift which I had been puzzling about for many months. I began to tear away at things. Like a lunatic, I ripped and threw wrapping paper from one end of the living room to the other. You see, not only at could my mother at times be the most obnoxious person in the world but, she was usually at her obnoxious peak when I was trying to concentrate my hardest.

Finally, the paper was destroyed. The battle was won. I began to breath again, unaware that I had stopped. I then saw the most amazing thing known to my world, Sega.

For many years to come, I would spend hour upon hour sitting in front of that machine instead of doing homework, playing outside, and sometimes even eating. I look back and regret the wasted time I spent exercising my thumbs. But I still love the way it looked in that box, shiny and black, and sort of mystical, like it held some kind of secret.

I have tried to put myself back to that Christmas many times. For whatever reason, I don't know. Then, I realize I am in the real world and go on with my present chores. I wonder why that Christmas meant so much? Maybe it was because, at that point in time, I had everything I needed and wanted, plus more.

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