The Christmas spirit

Roncalli Central High
Port Saunders, Newfoundland

By Greg P. (Grade 12)

Without a doubt, my ultimately favourite time of year is Christmas. At the very mention of it, my heart skips a beat due to joyous expectation.

My love of the Yuletide season, though, doesn't come because of the usual reasons. It's not because of the presents that today's society so greedily places as the number one Christmas priority or because (amazingly) of the time off school. The main reason Christmas appeals to me is the feeling of peace and joy that it brings.

It is hard to describe, really, but there's something about the natural smell of the spruce tree so elegantly draped with its various ornaments, and the warmth you get from knowing that the 25th is just around the corner. And, although the pres ents, food and free time aren't the reasons that I love Christmas, obviously, they are what create the joy and warmth inside. I would be lying blatantly and would be deemed inhuman if I said I didn't care about receiving presents. Basically, the fact th at one receives such an amount of possessions at the one time is why everyone looks forward to Christmas. However, the celebrating aspects only make up part of the bundle that is responsible for the bubbly Christmas spirit.

The aspects that put the real, genuine, happiness into Ch ristmas are the little things that we often overlook. Little t hings like the glistening blanket of December snow that lies fresh on the buckled tree branches. Little things like the beauty of simp ly sitting down before the Christmas tree as its captivating luminescence solely provides the light for the room in a spectacular array of colour. Little things like the ever-present smiles that perch on the faces of family and friends as they come togeth er, as suddenly, at the presence of Christmas, there aren't the usual mood swings. There's only one mood now - happy. These are the aspects that give Christmas its true delight.

Sure the gifts and so on are great but, without the previously-mentioned 'little things', the season just wouldn't be the same. And this is why I treasure Christmas so dearly. Only once a year, just one period of about three or four weeks, do I find suc h an inexplicable joy and, right about now, I'm beginning to feel it.

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