Zodiac girls complete an awesome season

GardenValley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba

By Cindy W. (Grade 12)

Zodiac girls wrap up the soccer season with a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment, having improved their skills to their full potential. The season ended with the provincial competition during the first week of October.

This year's team was made up of about 25 players, not including the junior team. The regular season consisted of nine games, and was about a month long. Throughout this entire time, the Zodiac girls remained undefeated.

Key players included Donna S., Michelle S., and Sherra P. Mid-fielder, Viola R., points out the team's strong points. "We had great teamwork and we all got along very well ... we had very good on-field communication."

"I think the most rewarding time would've been the zone competition because, even though we had bad weather, we defeated the weather and the team ..." reflects Viola. The girls made it to the zone competition for the first time since 1991, and they had great success there, as well. Altona's team was very much at the same level of play as the Zodiacs, making it an enjoyable challenge and a hard-earned victory. Viola says that one of the highlights at the zones was that there was a lot of support from the fans, regardless of the cold weather.

Provincials were held at Strathclair, on Sept 17th and 18th. The girls won the first game, but, unfortunately, lost the next two. These last two games were lost in shoot-outs which, in Viola's opinion, was the team's weak point. However, the girls had fun and did their best, always keeping a "positive spirit." Viola comments, "We got to know each other even better because it was such a great 'bonding time'... we really enjoyed our time together."

The coaches, Laura Miller and Della Friesen, also contributed a great deal to the success of the team. Reimer tells about the encouragement received from the coaches. "They always told us that we did well as a team, we played together ... it wasn't always one person"

Sportsmanship is always an important characteristic of any good team. "We try to be courteous and polite ... we're a fair team and did what we could," states Viola. Shaking hands before and after games, and expressing concern for injured players were a few ways in which the Zodiacs showed their sportsmanship.

Fortunately, injuries during the season were kept to a minimum. Pam Z. and Rochelle F. suffered minor knee injuries and there were also a few other minor injuries throughout the season. Fair weather and good field conditions also helped contribute to the good season.

When asked what advice she would give to students interested in joining a school team, Viola remarks, "Be there for as many practices as possible ... always try your best - don't be discouraged. Get to know your teammates ... keep a positive spirit out there."

The Zodiac girls' soccer team gives a big thanks to all the fans and supporters who helped make this a great season.

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