GVC's drama rehearsals in full flight

Garden Valley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba

By Cindy (Grade 12)

Winkler Garden Valley Collegiate (GVC) students continue to put the finishing touches on their acting as performance time draws near. "The Keeper of the Light", an adaptation of the short novel, "The Snow Goose", will be presented as a collective creation on November 6, 7, and 8.

Lead characters in the drama are Matthew F., portraying the role of Philip Rhayader, Melissa L. as the young Fritha, and Marlen M. playing the older Fritha. Other cast members include Andrea B., Jodi F., Charles K., Amanda R., Erin S., Kai S., Ryan S., and Darryl W.

When speaking of the progress of the play, the director, Ms. Irene Schmidt, points out, "Actors are bringing out the characters and are actually telling the story with a much greater focus, and are sort of losing themselves in the story, as opposed to when we started, when they were just doing lines."

Producer, Ms. Samantha Sexton, agrees that the collective drama has been very successful so far. "Everyone's working together to create it - and it's really starting to happen very naturally and very effectively; where actors aren't afraid to offer ideas."

In answer to the question of whether everything will be ready in time for performances, Sexton recalls, "The nature of theatre and the nature of people involved in theatre is very often these creative, innovative minds who are great with ideas, and, then, when you get right down to materializing those ideas, they happen over the last 45 minutes before you go on ... then it makes sense."

One of the highlights so far has been a special visitor from Morden. Mr. Maurice Butler is a seasoned theatre person and props man, knows the theatre world internationally, and has even been on stage with Sir Lawrence Olivier in England. He has taken the time to be at several rehearsals and has affirmed every coaching and acting method he has witnessed up to this point. Sexton refers to Butler as "a wealth of knowledge" and Schmidt agrees that, having him share his experience and advice, has been a real learning experience.

The ability to work well with others is one of the most important skills for an actor to have. The ability of actors to work well together on stage is what really defines a good actor. In Schmidt's opinion, this is one of the most important skills students develop through drama involvement and is also one of their main goals for this year.

GVC's cast members are given a lot of credit for their effort. "I would say all of our actors ... are very committed and want to do the best that they can. I'm pleased with all of their acting ability," says Schmidt.

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