Lyman's Christmas

Roncalli Central High
Port Saunders, Newfoundland

By Christian R. (Grade 12)

Lyman was an "itty bitty" young fellow, a short, skinny six year old boy and, like most children his age, longed to be like the other boys. Most importantly, he wanted to have the things that the other boys had.

Lyman loved Christmas very much. He enjoyed playing outside with his friends, and he loved the food and candy. Lyman loved everything about Christmastime ... except Christmas morning. All of the other kids would come over to his house and ask him what he got, and they would also brag about all the presents they had received. Lyman never got very much, usually a knitted item, some socks or a hat, and perhaps a wooden toy. Lyman would feel sorry for himself and, as a result, would be jealous of the other boys.

You see, Lyman's father was a street sweeper, and his mother stayed home to look after the six kids, of whom Lyman was the youngest. They lived in a tiny shack of a house, with only an oil drum for heat and, though they had very little money, they always managed to put food on the table. And, despite their hardship, they always had a good dinner on Christmas day.

That fall all of the kids were talking about the things that they would be asking Santa to bring them for Christmas. The boys were all asking for different things but one thing they all wanted was a GT snow racer. There was a great sliding hill near their street and all the older kids had them. The younger ones would have them this winter.

Lyman loved the GTs. They were faster, nicer looking, and more fun to ride. But above all, little Lyman's biggest reason for wanting one was because everyone else would have one and he was scared he would be left out - again.

Little Lyman prayed every night leading up to Christmas, sent letters to Santa , and nagged his mother to buy him a GT. Things did not look good for Lyman as his mother had no money to buy him one. He was well aware of their situation, yet still he hoped for the best.

The days slowly passed, and Christmas day drew closer. Lyman's hope and his excitement grew until Christmas Eve when he could hardly contain himself. Whenever he closed his eyes he could picture that shiny new sled he so desired. All that night he dreamed about it, and the fun he would have.

It was barely 4:00 a.m. when Lyman sprang out of bed Christmas morning. He charged out of his bedroom (which he shared with three older brothers) to the living area where the Christmas tree was set up in the corner. Nothing could describe the disappointment and devastation that overwhelmed Lyman when he approached the tree and there was no GT to be found. He put his head down. He began to sob, walking slowly back to his bedroom.

Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye through the window of the porch, he noticed a strange glare. He moved towards the window for a closer look and, to his amazement, outside there lay a shinynew GT! Just the one he wanted. He was filled with glee. He d idn't know how it got there but, from that point, on he realized the true meaning of Christmas. The joy that someone's generosity had brought to him made him recognize that Christmas is really all about giving.

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