Christmas reflections

Roncalli Central High
Port Saunders, Newfoundland

By Andrew R. (Grade 12)

As a boy I truly loved Christmas. Not for the reasons which you would probably expect. I was not a kid who was concerned about how many gifts I received at Christmas, nor did I compare what I got from Santa and Mom and Dad to the rest of the family, and f riends. What I remember about Christmas was that it was one time in the year where you forgot everything that bothered you as boy. It was a time where I was so mystified and in awe of the joy, lights, and the traffic all over Dartmouth and Halifax. In awe of all the of people all over the malls and how they appeared to be so pleasant and joyous. In awe of how my best friend's parents were so generous and amazingly happy at this time.

What especially made me happy as a boy was the amount of quality time the whole family spent together. I remember how we would all go to Eastern Brook early in the morning in search of a tree. Looking back, we had so much fun together, I could have stayed there all day. When we finally got home we would get all of the ornaments, wreaths, and candles out and we would all do our part to decorate the house. I can remember how we would all light up at the sights in the living room: the manger Mom always set up herself, the lights and decorations on the tree which Mom and the girls spent hours working on. I especially remember when everything was finished, how much enjoyment and happiness I felt sitting down with the rest of the family watching television or playing games while the tree shone bright. Mom cooked for hours in the kitchen and the feeling of joy and unity was so overwhelming and I didn't want it to ever end.

I especially remember and enjoy reminiscing about this time of year mostly because of the fact that most of the family is gone and my brother, as well as myself will soon be gone as well. So this time of year always seems to get me thinking back to when I was a kid. Back to a time when Christmas was special and enjoyable for me.

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