Spice Girls don't represent girl power

By Sarah King
Amalgamated Academy
Bay Roberts, Newfoundland

The Spice Girls really bug me. They run around in skintight clothes and yell about girl power. If they represent what Girl Power is, then maybe everyone should be like Geri and leave them alone!

And if their Girl Power message is that you don't need men, then WHY are all their songs about heartbreak, love and guys?

I think that the Spice Girls need to shape up. Maybe with all the money that they're making they can buy some clothes that actually FIT! Maybe they need to let a real woman, who weighs more than 95 pounds, join the group and show them what real Girl Power is all about! It is believing in yourself and never letting anything get in your way.

I think that the Spice Girls are phonies. They should realize that so many young kids look up to them as role models. If they want to be role models, they should find an agreeable public image. Skintight clothes and makeup are not what make a girl powerful. What makes a girl powerful is her personality, her sense of humor, and her beliefs.

I think that someone should show the Spice Girls what REAL Girl Power is.


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