Student journalists learn the tricks of the trade


By Erika Lavers and Judy Symes
Roncalli Central High
Port Saunders, Newfoundland

STEM~Net headquarters in St. John's was buzzing with activity in mid-August.

The educational network for Newfoundland and Labrador held a technology conference for students, teachers and parents from August 18-20.

 There were speakers and classes that taught computer skills, and there were eight excited teenagers running around with tape recorders, video cameras, and note pads. Judy, Michelle, Joelle, Ricky, Sarah, Janine, Sherry and Erika worked hard all week to produce and compile stories for the latest edition of SNN.  

The SchoolNet News Network is a program designed to teach teens how to write stories, express themselves, and show the world what they can do. The stories are for teens, by teens, and the adults and teachers are the ones who help with editing and publication of stories, and the audio and video productions.

The week was also filled with fun activities, such as going to the mall, barbecuing, and making friends with other SNN reporters. Everyone took part in writing, interviewing and videography. Some people found to have more talent in areas they didn't recognize.

Many students stayed at the Memorial University of Newfoundland residence, while others stayed at home and traveled in each morning. We began before 9 a.m. and sometimes worked into the night. But it was well worth it because we can read, watch, and listen to what we wrote and be acknowledged for our accomplishments. Hopefully, we can make many friends across Canada through the SchoolNet News Network.

SNN? Two weeks ago, we didn't really know what it meant. Now, it's a different story. We now know that this will be a very memorable experience for anyone taking part. We never really had an interest in journalism but we do now. It was so amazing how much work the eight of us accomplished once we pulled together and work as a team.

Many thanks to the STEM~Net, SNN, and our teachers for this experience.


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