Bishops College
St. John's, Newfoundland

By Jonathan M. (Grade 10)

A group of nearly twenty gathered in the upstairs computer lab of Gander Collegiate on Wednesday, August 20th for an advanced class on creating graphics for the World Wide Web. Strange as it may seem that a class for adults was being taught by a teenager, instructor Frank Shapleigh Jr. pulled it off without a hitch.

This graphics seminar aimed to teach adults how to operate the program Corel XARA and to create extensive graphics for the Internet. Frank Jr. used a step-by-step guide to create a three-dimensional image of an eight ball. By following the guide and pictures below, interested readers can see how easily this program operates and create a light reflection.

  1. Create a black first circle
  2. Create a larger second circle and position it so that it overlaps the first. (MAKE SURE THE CIRCLE IS BLACK!!!)
  3. Set transparency to circular and click on second circle to create a shadowy effect.
  4. Create a tiny third circle with circle transparency. Put this in the first circle, creating a shine of light.
  5. Select your Text Tool, and type COREL XARA. Place the text in the middle of the first circle. Make the text white in color.
  6. Select the text and make it transparent.
  7. Drag the third circle towards the bottom edge.
  8. Create a blue transparency.
  9. Click on Clip Gallery and go to Sample in order to save your work.

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