Let's take a stroll through The Park!

Discovery Collegiate
Bonavista, Newfoundland

By Tracy R. (Grade 12)

The Park is a wonderful place with a number of free services, a low membership fee, and plenty of interesting people to chat with.

The park is a site that can be useful if you feel like placing a personal ad, playing an online game or sending somebody a virtual present. A selection of virtual presents are available and can easily be transferred to the recipient of your choice. All that is required of you is to simply type in the e-mail address of the recipient, your e-mail address and a personal message to accompany the virtual present.You are not required to include a personal message but it's always nice to let someone know how you feel.. You can choose from lots of different categories such as virtual flowers, virtual postcards of fractal images, virtual postcards of outdoor scenes, and virtual postcards for special occasions like Christmas, Easter or Birthdays..

The park is also host to a large number of chat rooms which are divided into various categories and are really cool if you feel like making new friends as I have in the past through these chat rooms. If you enter under the miscellaneous chat rooms category you find 29 various other chat rooms under headings such as: The party room, if you love to party. The poetry room, my personal favorite where you can discuss your own poetry or the poetry of others. The chess room, for those who live to play chess. The parlor, if you can't decide which room is for you and you just want to laze around and so on. These chat rooms are worth entering. However they are difficult to use as compared to the chat rooms which can be found at www.alamak.com. All that alamak chat rooms require of you is your nickname, and the name of the specific room you wish to enter.

The park is divided into places for members and places for non members. Internet users can become members of The Park by paying a fairly small fee which in my opinion is well worth the money!. While most of the Park's services are accessible to non members there are special services that only park members can enjoy. These services include private e-mail accounts, automated e-mail reminder systems, chat room icons, enhanced gift shop features, gift shop return receipt option, chat searches, the ability to listen to music while chatting and many more.

Overall www.the-park.com far exceeds any other place of its kind, however if you find the chat rooms rather difficult to use you may consider visiting www.alamak.com.The services here are also free.

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