Plenary Session: Projects On The Web

Roncalli High
Port Sanders, Newfoundland

By Lori O. (Grade 12)

Hook, Line, and Net 97 was a multi-session event. Thursday morning's plenary session was Projects on the Web. The session covered two topics, a web page created by high school students from Port Saunders, Newfoundland, and several projects which were created with the help of teacher, Heidi Gatherall. Another teacher, Rob Stewart, did a talk on a possible project and invited feedback from students.

The first speaker, STEM~Net director Harvey Weir, introduced Don Tulk, teacher at Roncalli High School in Port Saunders. Don told us about his trip to Gander with eight students, who had been working with him on a student summer program. The project is the only one of it's kind in Newfoundland. They are hired on by the government for the summer to create a web site for the National Historic Site in Port au Choix. The title of their project is The Five Ancient Cultures of The Northern Peninsula. Don then turned things over to three of his students, Ricky Applin, Nick Rose, and Jamie Cornick.

The students started off by explaining how they created the web page. The page includes pictures which were taken with a digital camera, and a large number of images scanned in from panels which will be used at the new visitor center in the area. They also plan to include a video. They had editing help from a university professor who is working in the area on an archaeological dig. The site will be up in early September.

The next speaker was Heidi Gatherall, an elementary teacher. She showed us different projects which she helped supervise in the last few years. Through each of her projects she showed, the good, the bad, and the ugly! Heidi said that you need lots of time and to think big when doing a project. She began a project on roots and cultures which she was unable to complete because she didn't get the response she was hoping for from people.

Rob Stewart, the next speaker, began with a recipe for a good homepage. Eight energetic workers were among many of the other things which are needed for a good website. Rob also presented the information about the Mount Pearl students and the Port Saunders students worked together on a project.

Throughout the entire session the importance of students in these projects was made very apparent.

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