Marilyn Manson Is A Tool

Bishops College
St. John's, Newfoundland

By Gerald C. (Grade 10)

Marilyn Manson is a new rock star who derives his name from his two "Idols" Charles Manson and Marilyn Monroe. Manson is becoming increasingly popular with the Generation X crowd. His album "Antichrist Superstar" just went triple platinum. Some people may say "Great, a new budding star" while if you look to the shadier side of him, you find a white supremacist and a Satanist.

"I don't really have a place in my heart for stupid or weak people. There are too many people in the world, and they need to make way for the people who can actually contribute something to society," said Mr. Manson in MMT's interview. I want to say to him "What have you to contribute to a functional society?"

Regarding questions about being a Satanist, Marilyn Manson replied "Satanism is the philosophy that I relate to most, but I don't limit it to that. Marilyn Manson fans and my children, if I had any, would be exposed to many different options that they would be able to choose from. But I'm sure they would choose Satanism. Most children would."

Most Christians, myself included, thought children were innocent and pure. Thank you for clearing this up for us Mr. Manson!

In the MMT interview, Manson was asked about some of his controversial T-shirts, including one that says "Beware Of God", and he replied "The more people that experience Marilyn Manson, the better. The integrity of what I stand for won't change. And these people are better off wearing MM shirts than Hootie & the Blowfish."

In other words Mr. Manson, you are saying "Be a Satanic tool and make yourself rich."

Am I the only person who does not agree with the over three million Manson fans? NO!! There is an entire organization entitled MMT (Marilyn Manson is a Tool), and the Anti-Manson Web Ring who have dedicated their free time to protect church-going, God- fearing, moral citizens and their families. They publicly display Marilyn Manson's lyrics and interviews and try to tell the general public what Marilyn Manson's morals and beliefs are.

Many people may still listen to their Reverend Manson (Manson was ordained in the Church Of Satan), and continue to waste their time, money and salvation on this idiot- teen-idol-wannabe. I only hope normal people will continue to ignore this farce known as Marilyn Manson.

Marilyn Manson Is A Tool

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