The Official IME Website: Check it out!!

Discovery Collegiate
Bonavista, Newfoundland

By Jill H. (Grade 12)

Any fan of Canadian rockers "I Mother Earth" will tell you the best place to find information about the band is the Official "I Mother Earth" website.

It contains just about anything you want to know, including tour journals written by one of the band members and a java chatroom where fans can chat with each other and sometimes with the band.

As you click your way through the Official I.M.E. website, you will find that the content is great. It is chock full of great pictures, a lot of reading material, and real audio/video clips. Good organization of the site is evident as well, as you can choose whether you want to see pictures from the tours and video shoots or just pics of the band on the road.

When you first visit this site, you'll find the latest news on the Main page. The page also shows clickable icons for further information included in most band Web pages such as the guest book, merchandise, and lyrics. But most band pages are not as well organized as this one.

The icons are little pictures that relate to the band and their albums and include general headings that link to several sub-headings. These headings and sub-headings make it very easy to find the information you are looking for.

The Official "I Mother Earth" website also has a section called the "Scrapbook," which features pictures, the tour journal, and postcards. The tour journal, kept by the bassist Bruce Gordon, is basically an on-line diary of the band's touring ventures. Unlike the photo journal, tour journal has not been updated in quite some time.

Another inconsistency in the website is a missing biography. Each of the member's bios are there except the bassist's and anyone who has been onto the site before would have noticed that an interview with him has been promised for a very long time now.

Even though the website has a few inconsistencies, it is very good to IME fans. Fans can e-mail the band and there are contests which fans can enter to win "I Mother Earth" rareties. In addition to the tour and photo journals, the website also includes a Message Forum and a Java Chatroom where fans can interact with other fans and sometimes the members of IME.

Like any other website on the Internet, this one has its flaws, but the pictures and info are great and it is definitely the best "I Mother Earth" site on the net. (

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