We Created a Monster!!!

Discovery Collegiate
Bonavista, Newfoundland

By Jill H. (Grade 12)

The "Hook, Line and Net 97" conference was held in Gander, Newfoundland from August 19-21. Its purpose was to teach more about computers to students and adults from Newfoundland and Labrador.

During the conference, a session was held to teach student beginners to program their own games. The session was led by David and Jeff, two students from Marystown.

The session began with David and Jeff asking the kids if they had ever played a game called "Duke." Several raised their hands. The presenters then asked the kids if they had ever made their own levels for the game. No one had.

They then proceeded to instruct the kids on how to get into the "Building" section of the game in order to construct their own levels. It took quite some time to get all the kids set up but the presenters managed.

The levels began as just four walls, but were soon transformed into colorful rooms with desks. As the kids built their own levels, they began exploring on their own without the aid of David or Jeff. At one point, someone programmed a robot into a level. When the other kids heard about it, they jumped up and ran over to see it.

As the session progressed, everyone began programming different wall-and-roof colors and, at the end, they programmed their own monsters. One level showed a wall covered with the famous "Itchy and Scratchy Show" seen on the Simpsons.

The game programming session concluded with all the kids saving and then playing the levels they had created. Some of the kids killed the monster, others didn't, but they all had fun.

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