Burn-Victim Controversy

Bishops College
St. John's, Newfoundland

By Jonathan M. (Grade 10)

A teenager climbs a transmission wire and is electrocuted so badly that he needs to be flown to Boston in order to have surgery. His frantic parents go to the communications media in order to raise the money needed to have the operation done. Quite a drastic change in location--from Newfoundland to Boston.

This story has plagued the minds of reporters and citizens alike since the parents of the child (no names have been released at this point) went to the radio programs and the newspapers. The family asked for donations so they could pay for the crucial surgery. According to a reporter for The Evening Telegram, the SHRINER'S organization called the provincial newspaper exactly one day later and informed them that they were footing the bill for the expensive operation. Well that's all said and done, but people can't just go to Boston from Newfoundland for free. It costs a lot of money to fly a burn victim and family to a different country. Sure the Shriner's are paying for the operation, but who's transporting the family to the U.S?

Many people would think that the family needs support in this rough period of time. A smaller few would question its necessity. The teenager made his own decision when he decided to climb that transmission wire. Even though it's a tragedy, it was kind of foolish. Only a child would do something like that.

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