Newfoundland student shares her "Quebec Experience"

BBy Kerri Lynn Duke
St. Kevin's Elementary
Goulds, Newfoundland

From the moment I put in my first hundred dollar deposit to go to Quebec, I couldn't wait to leave! To tell you the truth, it was everything I expected and more. This was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Everything was so beautiful and so perfect. I especially loved walking through Old Quebec City. I loved to see all the old buildings. They were so well taken care of. I loved looking at all the beautiful ice sculptures, and it made me think of how wonderful it would be to live in Quebec. Everything seemed so carefully planned out.

I can't say I had a favorite activity. I love to sing and dance, so I liked the folk singer and the
parade. I love sports and all outdoor activities, so I really enjoyed Village de Sport, tobogganing,
and the roller skating. Like most everyone, I loved the shopping!

Although we did a lot of great things, I would have to say, some of my favorite memories are of the food. This might sound weird, but it's true. In Quebec I tried new foods that I have never heard of before! I decided to try anything they gave me because I might never get a chance like that again, and I didn't want to have any regrets. When I tried the fondue, I can't say it was love at first taste, (or second or third taste) but I'm glad I did try it!

In Quebec, there were only two things that scared me. One was on the last night of the carnival when everything was crazy. It scared me a bit when we saw a small fight, a person being carried away on a stretcher, and when the strange people came into our hotel. The second was at Village de Sport when I was at the top of Everest. That was the scariest, yet most thrilling ride that I have ever been on.

Overall, I loved Quebec! It was a great experience. We might not have learned much French, but we got to experience what it is like to live in a French environment. So, I would just like to say to all of my fellow Canadians who live in Quebec: IF I EVER SEE ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE STUPID HORNS, I WILL SCREAM!!