Tigers and their habitats

Newtown Elementary
Mount Pearl, Newfoundland

By Sheldon M. (Grade 5)

Tigers are the largest cat in the world. They are forest dwellers and they patrol for prey. They have very powerful jaws that are very good for killing prey. They run at very high speeds. Their scientific name is Panthera tigris and they grow from six to nine feet, or 1.8-2.8 m, in length. Its tail is three feet (91 cm). It lives in the forest of Siberia, Indonesia, and India. It has two to four babies in 15 weeks. It eats deer, wild pigs, buffalo and bury their extra food near water. They are born blind and toothless so their mothers hunt. They leave after two years. They can jump a distance of 10 m and they weigh 180 lbs. The females guard 20 km of land each night. Males control 100 square km.

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