The Peregrine Falcon

Newtown Elementary
Mount Pearl, Newfoundland

By Kimberley B. (Grade 5)

There are about 30 different species of falcons in the world. One of them, the Peregrine Falcon, is endangered.

It has long wings that are used for hunting. Its hunting method is to rise, then swoop down on its prey. It has powerful feet with long, sharp talons. The Peregrine Falcon drops down on its prey and tears it to pieces with its beak using a notch on its bill, which is hooked.

Their size ranges from 15-60 centimetres (six to 24 inches). The female is usually larger than the male falcon. Their colour is usually reddish, mottled brown or black.

The nest is usually loosely built in a tree. They can lay eggs on a bare ledge, a rocky cliff, a hollow tree, or a man-made nesting box. The females lay four to five eggs or sometimes more. Falcons eat fish, mice, rats, rabbits, and small birds. If you would like to get more information on the Peregrine Falcon, I found it on Microsoft Encarta' 95.

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