Letting Bradley die in school

Hazel McCallion Senior Public School
Mississauga, Ontario

By Jacquie B. (Grade 8)

When a mother gives birth, she is supposed to support her child's right to live no matter how big, small, beautiful, ugly, disabled, gifted or whatever her child may be. Well then, why is the mother of Bradley, seven, a disabled child, saying that she loves her child unconditionally but, if Bradley were to have a seizure in class, the teachers are not to try to save his life?

The education policy is such that, if any child is in a life-treatening position, the educators will, and must, do whatever they can to save the child's life. Bradley's mom is trying to get the school to break their code of conduct. If the school says that teachers must do anything they can to save the poor, innocent child's life, then the teacher must take this action. No person should stand in their way; not even the child's mother.

Not only is the mother asking the school and teachers to do a horrific deed, she is also asking for Bradley to be placed in a regular non-segregated class. This would mean letting the other children witness such a nightmare. It is definitely not a sight that is suitable for children of any age. It's not fair to other kids to have a child with such serious medical issues placed in their class. If these children were to witness Bradley having a seizure in class, it could lead to serious nightmares, which could stay with them for life! How could Bradley's mom put not only her child but other children in the class through such an ordeal? It's too painful to even think about.

Surely everyone can understand that doctors say Bradley's condition can only worsen every time he has a seizure. However, we can also understand that this is a young, harmless boy she is talking about. She is pretty much asking for teachers to kill Bradley. Now, that is quite disgusting. Yes, if he is in pain, let him die, but why is she asking the school to be a part of it? It is her son. Think of him. If she wants him to die, let it be at home with his family, not on the floor surrounded by strangers. The people the mother are asking to be a part of this will feel guilty for the rest of their lives. More importantly, Bradley's mom still hasn't realized that he does have the right to live.

It's amazing what parents will go through for their children. People may never know what the true reason is that made Bradley's mother ask for him to be left to die. Sure, it could have been because his health was only going to get worse but it could also have been because she couldn't deal with the thought of living the rest of her life with a disabled child, especially when she is a single mother of two.

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