The Pepsi Cola Home Page

Cabri High School
Cabri, Saskatchewan

By Scotty A., Jenny C., Janelley J.,
Wadey P., Darleney M., Tamary L. (Grade 11)

The Pepsi Cola Home Page was kind of cool. It wasn't easy to access, but by looking up the Pepsi home page and searching through many of the Pepsi topics, we finally found what we were looking for. Once you got there, you could access the different lands, for example: "La La Land", "Main Frame" and "Cloud Nine". It looked swell, but you could not go to anything, except if you went to the "help" menu.

They made the home page to look like a Disney-type of place to catch children's eyes. So, if there was a real Pepsi land, everyone would go there and drink Pepsi. It was very colorful and seemed like an interesting place to visit with many different places and lands to see and do. What we soon found out was that this place, which seemed really cool, was also very hard to access and difficult to visit. The pages didn't lead anywhere! The cool headings and pictures are all you'll ever see.

After talking this over in our group we decided this was a joke and decided to try the "help" table. All we found was something on Pepsi and the Pepsi products. This wasn't a special land with fun pictures and games to play, it was just a normal home page.

What we thought was going to be a really fun and interesting, different from many other home pages, turned out to be the opposite. A normal home page with the same set-up as every other home page on the Internet. One question we had to ask is what's the point of having the lands when, in reality, there isn't a land to visit? We found that this just frustrates people and therefore we would never visit this home page again.

If you, decide to visit this colorful "land", the address, (which we searched for and searched for,) is Enjoy your visit, if you can call it that!

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