Hockey: Is the fun worth the money?

I.J. Samson Junior High
St. John's, Newfoundland

By Paul O. (Grade 9)

Hockey is a great sport. In St. John's, Newfoundland, there are a lot of kids in hockey. Some reasons why kids join hockey are to keep in shape, to make new friends, and most of all, to have a lot of fun. Hockey is also very exciting. You get to go new places and meet new people which is all fun, but that is not all hockey is.

Hockey is also a very expensive sport - so expensive that some very talented players have to quit because the registration cost is just too much. Hockey registration at my level is approximately $850.00, and that's just to sign up. I am on the "B" team and the "A" team has to pay a lot more than we do.

If your team plans to go anywhere you have to raise a lot more money than you can imagine. The team I am on is flying to Halifax March the 8th. Believe it or not, on top of the registration fee, each player has to raise about $750.00, which isn't exactly pocket change, or easy work. We have to go on numerous bottle drives, and sell things such as chocolate bars, calendars, almonds and tickets on different prizes.

Overall, I think the price is ridiculous, but I wouldn't stop playing it for anything. It is like an addiction, and everyone who is in hockey owes everything to their parents for working hard to keep him/her in hockey.

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