The British Monarchy on the Internet

Cabri High School
Cabri, Saskatchewan

By Michelle K. and Honni N. (Grade 11)

Upon our investigation into the British Monarchy, we discovered a wonderful very informative website. There were pictures, and there was information on anything you wanted to look up.

We began by investigating our own Queen Elizabeth II. We read up on her own person life, when she was accessioned into power, and all about her workings. The page has specific dates as to when noteworthy events took place, such as the birth of her children. This page connected us to her children's pages and they too gave us a very informative look at the entire Royal Family. There were no dates we could not find, and there were no people left unlisted. These pages gave us the order of succession to the throne, name titles, marriage dates, birth dates, and divorce dates. There nothing left unstated.

From the homepage we were able to connect to a page about the Royal Family's Crown Jewels. This page told us when, by whom, and for what events the jewls were worn. We were able to see pictures of the Crown Jewels, and we were able to link to the people who wore them. We were also able to connect from the homepage to the Royal Family's Castles. We were able to look at Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, and all others. These pages showed us pictures and gave us both historic and present day information.

Overall, we rate The British Monarchy homepage as one of the best we have ever seen. We were entertained, and informed on all of the British Monarchs present and past day lives. We recommend viewing to anyone and everyone.

The address for The Royal Family is

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