Nail Polish

I.J. Samson Junior High
St. John's, Newfoundland

By Leslie T. (Grade 9)

Nail polish, a creative way to express yourself and your feelings in colour and style. It's a lot cheaper than clothes and lots of fun to buy which brings up the questions: What kinds of colours are there? What kinds of designs are teens putting on their nails? What's the deal with all the nail polish removers? Where can you get cheap nail polish? What do other teens think about the subject? So many questions, so little time.

These days, there is almost an endless number of colours to choose from when buying nail polish. When we're talking about the nail polish that teens use today, we're not talking about the reds and pinks that you get from L'Oreal, Max Factor and Cover Girl lines. We're talking about the really different and much more interesting colours you can get from the Wet 'n' Wild, Caroline, Misslyn and Artmalic lines. These lines of nail polish carry such colours as forest green, pearly grape, burgundy with sparkles, bright blue, banana yellow, black, white, grey and every colour in between. If you really want to get fancy, you can get nail polish that smells like your favourite perfume. Scents like CK1, Sunflowers and Musk are all the rage these days, you can get just about every colour you can think of and more.

For some, seeing how crazy and different teens can do their nails is almost as important as choosing the clothes they wear. Not many seem to want to stick to one colour for ten fingers any more. You can go from the basic one colour for each nail, to drawing flowers, faces, hearts, dots, bees, stripes, fruit and just about anything you can think of. This depends partly on how good an artist you are; you might end up getting others to do your nails for you if you don't have a steady hand. Also, you have to put up with your right hand being a little bit messy if you're right-handed, or the other way around if you're left-handed. If you're interested in doing designs on your nails, it is a good idea to build up a collection of good basic colours first. Colours like blue, yellow, green, black and white are colours that will really open up your options as to what you want to draw.

Unless you like picking off your nail polish, there is an easier way to get rid of the old and bring in the new - nail polish remover. There are good and bad points to nail polish remover. It is quicker than waiting for your nails to grow out, and if you're prone to picking, it can make less mess. However, it is not always that good for your nails. Sure, it will say it is on the label, but that just means better than other products that might make your nails drop off. Another big problem that I've had with nail polish remover is the smell. More than once, I've been asked to leave a room because the strong smell is making someone sick. I am sure it's not good for you. For me, though, the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to using nail polish remover. I just try to cut down on how much I use it.

Getting the colours you want for the price you want takes both talent and luck. Sometimes it comes down to being at the right place at the right time. I gave up on buying eight-dollar nailpolish at clothing stores a long time ago. I am now a Wal-Mart shopper when it comes to buying nail polish. You can get really good colours there for prices as low as $1.07, tax included (that's the Wet 'n' Wild line of nailpolish). Last summer, for about a week, Wal-Mart had some great colours for only $1.66. That was the Caroline line. I bought four colors that week- Bluberry Blue, Silver Star, Frosted White and Iced Mint. If I had not been shopping there that week, I wouldn't have gotten those colors, so the only words of wisdom I have is "keep your eyes open".

To get an idea of how other teens feel about the topic of nail polish you need to hear from them; that's why I took the liberty of doing an interview with two of my friends who also use nail polish. I asked them both four questions:

1. What colours of nail polish do you like?

2. How many bottles do you have?

3. Do you use nail polish remover and what do you think about it?

4. Is nail polish an important part of your life?

Answers from friend number one were:

1. My favourite colours are purple, blue, green and colours with sparkles.

2. I have four bottles of nail polish.

3. I do use nail polish remover but I hate the smell.

4 No.

Answers from friend number two were:

1. My favourite colours are blue, green, purple, gold, pearl,colours with sparkles and silver.

2. I have about thirty bottles of nail polish.

3. I do use nailpolish remover but it turns your nails yellow.

4. It's not all that important; it's just something to do.

Friend number two also told me not to forget how much fun it is to paint your toenails, especially when you've been blessed with beautiful toenails (as she's convincd she has been).

So, nail polish can just be loads of fun for everyone, including my brother (don't ask). You've got endless colours and selection to chose from, loads of designs to fool around with, and hey, if you're really bored, you can paint your nails with your friends. It's just a great way to express yourself in colour.

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