Newfoundland Musicians Making It Big.

I. J. Samson Junior High
St. John's, Newfoundland

By Jennifer F. (Grade 9)

Newfoundland musicians are making a big impact on the international music scene. Singers such as Kim Stockwood and Damnhait Doyle have taken their talent outside of Newfoundland, and have been greeted with great response.

At the recent Eastern Music Awards, almost half of the nominees were Newfoundlanders, ranging from the Newfoundland Symphony Youth Choirs nomination in the classical music category, to Great Big Sea's nominations. Newfoundlanders were popping up everywhere. But are they getting the same response with young people in their native province?

Fourteen year old Amber A., a fellow student has good feelings about Newfoundland musicians. "I think that they can sing just as well as anyone from anywhere else, but Newfoundlanders have to struggle more to reach success." What makes people think this way? Why do 'Newfie's' feel that people from their province would have to struggle more to reach their goals? When I asked Amber if she thought comments such as the recent comment made by Ellen in the popular television show affected people's views on Newfoundland musicians. She responded, "Personally, I think that when people don't know or understand another group of people they will believe any remarks made about those people. Therefore, a stereotype is often put on a group of people." True, but sad. Just think, things said about Newfoundlanders could ruin a Newfoundland musician's chance of making it big. If you come from a big city your chance of making it big is greater than if you come from a place whose name can't even be pronounced! But maybe moving to a bigger city is the answer? How do other Newfoundlanders feel about singers from their province doing this? " I think Newfoundlanders such as Kim Stockwood and Great Big Sea can take their talent anywhere and be competition for other singers there," says Amber.

Maybe Newfoundland should strive to improve the music scene here so our talent doesn't have to move away. Or maybe we should have singers coming here to try to make it big! People have to realize that the size or location of a place does not have anything to do with the people who live there. And even though Newfoundland may be a small province in the middle of the Atlantic, we definitely have some talent to be proud of!

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