A Day In The Life of a Coffee Addict.

I.J. Samson Junior High
St. John's, Newfoundland

By Jason P. (Grade 9)

I asked coffee lovers if they would go so far as to kill for an espresso? The answer was "yes." Would they kill for a cappuccino? "Maybe." Orange juice prevents cancer, contains vitamin C, and is great tasting, while coffee is only a stimulant... but coffee is one of the most favorite drinks. I wanted to know why, why is coffee so popular? To find out, I became a coffee addict.

CUP 1.

It was the beginning of the day and I decided to have a cup of coffee with milk and sugar. I wanted to see what the big fuss was with coffee. So I drank the cup. It tasted up-front and personal. It was nice actually. I think I know why the cast of Friends is so perky: with all the coffee they drink in one episode in such large cups, who wouldn't be?

CUP 2.

In middle of lunch I had a plain cappuccino. I walked outside in the cold to the store for this delightful cappuccino. It was the most wonderful concoction on the face of the earth. Many people would kill for a cappuccino as good as that. This is by far the indisputably best drink in the world. I felt as if pure power had been pumping through my veins. Energy science has yet to harness the sheer power of the highly caffeinated cappuccino.

CUP 3.

Mid afternoon, 4:30 to be exact, I again came in contact with coffee. Another coffee with milk and sugar. Coffee is now to me as honey is to bees. As I drink more and more, I want more and more. The more I drink, I realize I am no longer my slow relaxed self. Now I am happily hyper. I guess that I used too much sugar!!! I feel as if I can fly.


"I AM THE COFFEE KING!!!!! For all coffee flows between my veins. I call out to you my loyal followers. Before me I command that you all dance! Dance, magical beans, dance for all who drink your essence, for I am the king of caffeinated coffee..."

I now understand it all. Coffee is a lovely substance that brings happiness and joy to you. As for what I said before about orange juice... forget it. I just saw some orange flavored coffee beans I would rather have.

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