The Trojan Experience conquers student dreams

Turner Fenton Secondary School
Brampton, Ontario

By Erin P. (Grade 10)

Turner Fenton Campus in Brampton, Ontario, offers many innovative courses found nowhere else. The school is on the cutting edge of technology and makes sure that students are given the job skills that most companies today demand. For example, in one unique course, Music and Computers, the students had the opportunity to produce a completely original, highly entertaining compact disc.

Named The Trojan Experience after the school’s mighty mascot, the CD features 13 original songs, plus voice interludes. All tracks are written, performed, and digitally produced by TFC students. As well, everything but the pressing of the CD’s was completed in the school’s digital recording lab, known as studio

Those involved were taught such skills as MIDI sequencing, arranging, song-writing, digital recording techniques, and mixing down - all relevant "real world" skills that will be helpful in their future. Many young artists were also given the chance to explore their talents and to learn about the technical side of music production. Students developed a new interest in the field, and many left the class hoping to pursue a career in a related area. The course also gave the students greater insight and pride in the process.

The brilliance of this idea is that the technology is being used as a vehicle to get the students heard beyond the school. As opposed to a traditional "Music Night", TFC has produced a lasting record of the talent residing within its halls and classrooms. The CD is used to promote community awareness of what TFC students can accomplish.

In fact, the CD has already been heard by more than one person in the music industry. Plus, the release party was attended by none other than Much Music personality and host of Electric Circus, Juliette Powell. The hundreds of students, Board officials, and media who were present for the event participated in a cake-cutting and a certificate ceremony, as well listened to speeches by Juliette Powell and Harold Brathwaite, the Director of Education for the Peel Board of Education.

However, whether or not this turns out to be anyone’s "big break", creating the CD was a wonderful experience. The hands-on approach utilized in the course taught students the process behind their favorite music. It also allowed them to have the full "studio experience".

Turner Fenton Campus continues to support projects such as this and to introduce more integrated communications and technology community projects through journalism, digital imaging, and video conferencing. This "beyond 2000" school hopes to promote new innovations and student talent within the community and to share advances with other interested parties via such information technologies.

To purchase The Trojan Experience for $10 plus shipping charges, or to find out more about TFC’s state-of-the-art resources and courses, please contact Mr. Oliver Din on the Web at

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