Calvin Klein Advertisements

Langenburg High School
Langenburg, Saskatchewan

By Candice B. (Grade 10)

What makes products that have a brand name on them so genuine? What is promoting these products and why are they so popular? One answer to this question could be the advertisements, and although they are unique in their own way, these advertisements are also very revolting.

Flipping through any magazine, you will most likely come across a Calvin Klein advertisement and what do you see? You see the nudity of men and women, groups of teens hanging out and making out, and a bottle of Calvin Klein's perfume on the bottom. Most of Calvin Klein's ads are in black and white and in their own way are unique. I like the idea that they are kind of dull and colourless because it is so different than anything else in the magazine.

The advertisements are also quite detestable. All of Calvin Klein's ads have the people looking provoked, deranged, or arguing. Is this how people want to live their life ? Is this how the perfume makes you feel?

If people are buying these products there has to be a reason why they are buying them. It sure isn't the price. People may buy them because of the advertisement, but what do they see? In an Escape ad, we have a nude woman sitting behind a wooden fence looking irate. Then, in an Obsession ad, there is another nude woman looking more bewildered. A CK1 ad has a big group of teenagers arguing, some making out, and some looking homely. So what do the advertisements say? By the looks of it, they are saying if you are angry, confused, or rather homely, Calvin Klein products are for you. But on the other hand, the advertisement may have been made to be revolting so you would remember them. They are so different than any other ad and that's what people want: to be different.

The one thing that would be interesting to know is why these name-brand products are so much better than another product? There are many impressions of perfume out there, smelling exactly the same and selling for more than half the cost. You can go out and buy CK1 for fifty dollars, or spend five dollars on Gender One, which smells identical.

From most of the points brought up, this can lead to some different conclusions about Calvin Klein products. One would be that the ads are revolting but unique, - and maybe people want to be unique. Another would be that the products are not bought because of the good price or the advertisement, it could simply be the name behind the bottle.

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