A Flash in the Sky
by Ashleigh Viveiros, SNN Senior Editor, Garden Valley Collegiate, Winkler MB

I had just finished watching Star Trek on TV, and I was in an alien kind of mood. You know, the kind where you glance over your shoulder as you walk up the stairs just to make sure that there's no little green men following you.

Anyway, as I got up the stairs, my mom told me to take my dog, Koko, out. I figured I might as well go outside with him and look for constellations. As the dog went about his business, I gazed up at the great big sky.

I was looking up at the stars. Wishing I was up there, cursing the fact that I was born a couple of centuries too early, when all of the sudden I saw a flash shooting quickly sideways along the sky.

Now I'm sure that going out on a clear, starry night while I was already in an alien freaked-out mood, was a bad idea. Especially with my overactive imagination already going into hyperdrive. But the UFO believing, alien loving, Star Trek fan inside me screamed, "IT'S A UFO!!!", while the small portion of my brain that's still rational thought out the other possibilities. "Maybe it was an airplane, or a satellite," I thought.

This all took place in the microsecond after I saw the flash, so I scanned the sky quickly to see if I could see it again.

I couldn't see a thing. Nothing, nada, zilch....you get the idea. I didn't see the flash again.

Now I was freaked out. Man-made objects don't just disappear from the sky. There was nothing but the ever constant stars left to laugh at me. The only thing it could have been was a UFO. Awww! My first sighting. Sure, you can laugh. But you can't explain everything in the night sky! And I like to think that THEY'RE up there, somewhere.

Who knows. Maybe there's a girl on a planet light-years away, looking up at the stars, asking the same questions. Wondering when we're coming to solve her world's problems.

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