Toastmasters Off to Another Great Year at GVC
by Ashleigh V., SNN Senior Editor, Garden Valley Collegiate, Winkler, MB

You stand at the front of the class. Twenty pairs of eyes are staring back at you. Your hands are sweaty, your voice quivers, you want more than anything to run screaming out of the room. Sound like someone you know? Don’t worry, there’s hope for you yet.

Toastmasters' has begun another semester at Garden Valley Collegiate. With about 20 students participating in the lunch hour program, it seems that the club is as strong as ever.

The Toastmasters club is an international program that can be found in most high schools. The GVC club meets once a week in room N10. There, the students practice speaking their speeches in front of one another. They also learn how to introduce guest speakers, prepare speeches, and speak on the spur of the moment.

“The goal of Toastmasters is gaining confidence talking to people, especially in front of a group.” says Mr. Friesen, club advisor. “Toastmasters meets each person’s agenda. We learn various types of skills depending on what the individual person’s needs are.”

Nancy Spenst, a Toastmasters participant, has joined to get rid of her nervousness, and feels that is definitely working already.

“I’ve seen several students in the class, who I thought were very shy, go through a big change. It just amazes me how well they can speak in public,” notes Spenst.

“Students should attend.”stresses Friesen, “A student that learns this skill in the early years has a tool that is always available.”

Toastmasters' holds a showcase at the end of each semester. This includes speech competitions, a demonstration meeting, and a banquet, where various sorts of speech occasions can be enjoyed and practiced.

Check out the Toastermasters International website:
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