Pop Goes the Stars
By: Amanda L., Westgate CVI, Thunder Bay, ON

Hello world! Itís time to throw all those morals you were going to teach your little girl - throw them right out the window. Why? Because Britney Spears, and other teen idols like her, were born.

photo compliments of Rolling Stone Magazine website

Iím not even going to debate the fact whether or not her music is good or not. That would be a useless battle. I mean someone must like it because of all those album sales. This is a judge of character rather than an attack on the girlís music.

Now some of the males reading this will disagree but Iím pretty sure that the majority of the female population will agree with me that the pop princess has taken it to far.

I just donít get it. She knows she is a role model for little girls yet she insists on dressing in skimpy revealing clothes while she is in the public eye. I know people can wear whatever they want but when little girls everywhere are trying to copycat your every move you might want to show them its alright to actually wear clothes!

Now I know that times Ďthey are a changingí. The clothes seem to be getting skimpier and skimpier because of this new adolescent obsession of trying to look sexy and older. Half the girls dressing this way donít even know what sexy is because they are so young. They come off as looking cheap ó not sexy. Well news flash! You can look just as good if you dressed with some class.

There are a lot of scandals surrounding the pop princess. First there is the speculation of implants (Iím not even going to go there). Then her cover pose for Rolling Stone magazine cost her one of her sponsors (really Britney what were you thinkiní?). The list goes on and on with this girl. ďI have to say the older fans are creepy,Ē Britney says ď40-year-olds, people who are in your face too much.Ē What I donít get is, if she feels this way then why does she dress the way she does if she doesnít want grown perverts looking at her.

It is really sick in, my opinion, when I see a 10 year old wearing more makeup and less clothes than me. I see this quite often when I go out. It really disgusts, and angers me when I see these young girls trying to show off the body they donít even have yet. Donít these girls know that they look like a joke with their layers upon layers of bad make up? Dressing this way doesnít make them look older it just makes them look younger and naive about the ways of the world.

Whoís to blame for this? Well, Iíd like to pin it all on Britney and the others like her, but I canít. I think the finger pointing should go towards the fashion industry and the parents of these young girls who love to dress Ďsexyí. The fashion industry because they are the ones who make those kind of clothes, and the parents for actually supporting the industry by buying these clothes for their daughters. We should also take into account that if the media didnít put so much pressure on youth to look like their standard of perfect then a lot of these girls may not be dressing this way.

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