by Erinn B., Grade 5, St. Anne's Elementary School, Peterborough, ON

Forgiveness is when sins are forgotten and we may have peace with ourselves and others.

We start again and learn from our mistakes with a hope of changing and achieving our goals to live with a better understanding and knowledge of sin. We gain power through forgiveness so we can continue on.

Some people do not understand the meaning of sin. Others may understand it, but do not see that it is everyone who sins. I think that a sin is when we react in a way that hurts. It may be when we sin, and forgiveness is the key to releasing pain or hatred against someone.

Look at the word forgive. I think it means that we give up our grudges for something much more important: peace. Also, forgive and forget sound the same, and can have the same meaning with sin: to keep on living. If we can do this, then we can succeed in life.

The only way to heal a sin is through forgiveness. Forgiveness must come from the inside, from the heart. Forgiveness heals many things, but you are the one in charge.

Everyone sins. Everyone is forgiven by God. When we sin, the most important thing is to forgive ourselves and promise to make a change.

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