Common Ground
By: Mellisa M., St. Stephens High, St. Stephen, NB

School should be a place that an individual can come to and not feel intimidated or unimportant. It should be a place that brand name clothes, and popularity doesn't matter.

A school is not just a place where a mind gets fed intellectually, it's also an institute where people learn to get along and live with things going on around them. However St. Stephen High School has a few more lessons to go yet.

People are still shunned because of their looks or the way they look at things. So what's wrong with giving an opinion? Nothing! Say what's on your mind, and respect what the other person has to say even if it contradicts your thoughts. Have a heated debate without putting down each other, and elementary school name calling.

There is a huge amount of us attending this school. Everyone has been labelled as something at sometime. Some of us label people so they would rather be a nobody. It's sad to think some of our fellow students don't want to come to school because they feel inferior. What if the table was turned? Well Miss Alison's grade twelve sociology class can tell you how it feels.

Recently Miss Alison placed on each student's back a label. The labels ranged from anything like a "millionaire", to a "snob", to a "freak". You had no idea what your label was. Then the class did a walk about and we were to treat that individual the way the role said. Some people said at the end they felt lonely and abandoned while some said they felt great, and they loved the attention. However this was just a game to get everyone thinking. Unfortunately some people get treated like they are nobodies. That isn't right. All students should be able to come to school and find ourselves on common ground.

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