Childhood Memories
by Liam R., St. Anne's Elementary School, Peterborough, ON

Crawling, crying, laughing, fears, sights and toys. Fine, there are many more childhood memories.

Well, I am glad I am writing this. Why? Because I am soon going into the age where I will forget all the things I did as a small kid. So to prevent that I’m really pleased to be writing it down.

My first topic is my first word. My first word was ‘night”. It was my first Christmas Eve and I was five and a half months old. My mom had me in her arms and was saying: “Good night Liam, good night”. And a smart little runt like me said “night”. And the funny thing is we caught it on tape. So that was my first word.

Now, my two stitching accidents. I’ll tell you all about my first time getting stitches. It was a late summer evening and I was three years old, my sister, brother and my dad were watching the television while I was making a thing called “an applehead”. I would take four knives and stick them in an apple to make it look like it had arms and legs. As I was sticking in the last knife, I pushed it too far and it cut me across my thumb. It was bleeding like crazy! I yelled up and my dad ran over to see what was wrong and he rushed me to the hospital.

My next accident was probably the worst. I was four and I was at my grandma’s house for a family Thanksgiving. I was standing on a footstool and I was looking up at the ceiling. I fell off the footstool and hit my head on the end of a rocking chair’s foot that makes it rock. I was bleeding more than in my first story, but I only had to get three stitches.

Fine. I’ll admit it. I did steal once when I was three. I went with my dad and my sister to buy milk. So anyway, just as my dad bought the milk, my sister and I took a chocolate candy called a “Cherry Blossom” each and let on that we were sick. So holding our stomachs, (he, he, he! Here’s the trick!) we hid the Cherry Blossoms in our hands, while we were crouched over and holding our stomachs so there was no possible way that anybody could see what we stole. Smart, huh? Well, we did get caught at home. Oh, I forgot to tell you that my sister gave me her Cherry Blossom. My dad came into my room and saw my face. It was completely covered in chocolate so my dad went back to the store and paid for them. My dad said that the cashier was laughing. Weird, huh!

My next story is when I got lost. I was the age of three or four. My mom was working in real estate and she was driving away. I chased the car about two blocks away from my old house. Three people saw me crying because I was lost. Hey, what do you know? I came home in a police car. Talk about a classic case of abandonment (as my father has just mentioned while I am writing this).

Wow, I can’t believe the past could be so hilarious. Well, to date back to the intro, I’m all smiles for writing this. I’m never going to forget about my young years. Well, thank you for reading my tales.

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