by Dylan R., Grade 6, St. Anne's Elementary School, Peterborough, ON


I turn to the left. I turn to the right, itís there. I look straight ahead and itís there. Candy is everywhere.

Parents just donít understand

My parents wonít let me have it but itís here - itís in my house. Itís here! Candy is very tempting and can get out of control. Kids would live on candy. Therefore parents need to control candy. One way parents could control candy is by having a certain time in the morning that their children canít eat candy. Another good rule would be no candy after you brush your teeth.

The Candy Times

The emperor wants his chocolate now! Candy goes far back in time. The time line of candy starts in 1529 when the first chocolate, liquid chocolate was invented. As the time line goes on, Henry Nestle had the brilliant idea to invent milk chocolate. Eighteen years later in 1983 and 1894 Milton S. Hershey, caramel distributor began to sell chocolate. Now there are over 40,000 different kinds of chocolate.

Another candy phenomena is the candy cane which has 5 symbols, the shape, the pattern and the colors. The shape represents a shepherdís staff and Jesus was the shepherd of men. The cane upside down represents ďJĒ for the name Jesus. The white peppermint represents the purity of Jesus. The three small stripes on the cane represent the pain inflicted on Jesus and the big stripe represents the blood Jesus gave.

The Nations of Candy

The sweetness! The sourness! The - the candy!! Iím sure many people agree with me when I say itís hard to say what your favorite flavor is. With the variety of flavors like sweet, sour, mint, fruit or chocolate. Sweet is the most common flavor because it was one of the first kinds of candy made. The second most common flavor is chocolate. Sour, on the other hand, is pretty common as well. Mint and fruit flavors follow in no particular order. So I think that they are all about equal.

The Candy Pharmacy

Is candy healthy or unhealthy? Well, itís both. In most cases candy is unhealthy. Yet there are times when candy is healthy.

Too much candy can cause diseases such as diabetes, tooth decay and heart disease.

Of course, for people with diabetes, sugar can save lives. Another disease is hypoglycemia. It also requires sugar. With diabetic comas and shocks, sugar/candy is given to a person to revive them.

I have spoken to both adult and child and I have discovered everyone has a hankering for candy at one point or another.

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