"You can do anything" Encourages Tyler Pelke
by Ashleigh V., SNN Senior Editor, Garden Valley Collegiate, Winkler, MB

On November 15th, Tyler Pelke spoke from very personal experience when he addressed Garden Valley Collegiate students, in Winkler, on behalf of the Manitoba Organization of Victim Advocates (MOVA)..

Ten years ago, 14 year old Tyler Pelke and his friend, Curtis Klassen, were staying home alone when fellow student Earl Giesbrecht came to the Altona house. Giesbrecht pulled out a gun on the pair and tied them up. He then sexually molested them, slit their throats, and lit them on fire. Pelke managed to get to the safety of a neighbor’s house. His friend was not so lucky.

After speaking about the attempt made on his life and the murder of his friend, Pelke, now 24, stresses to students that “no matter what has happened in your life, you can do and be the person you want to be.”

Pelke attributes his recovery from the incident to his relationship with God and the power of positive thinking. “As soon as your glass goes from half empty to half full you can do anything,” he emphasizes.

Prior to and following the presentation, MOVA sold White Roses for the annual MOVA White Rose Campaign to students and faculty. The roses sold for $5 each to raise funds for the organization, $1 of which went to GVC student council.

Pelke’s presentation and the White Rose Campaign helped kick off GVC’s Respect Campaign being held this month.

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