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Spotlight on Schools
By: Concorde Mediavision, Gander Collegiate, Gander, NF

Students involved in Gander Collegiate’s Media Technology Internship Program produce their own half-hour program for television. Titled “Spotlight on Schools", the show profiles students from schools in the area and their achievements. It airs on Cable-9, Gander.

Check out these episodes which aired on Cable 9 during the months of March and April: please note: these are half-hour long videos. Enjoy!

Episode 1
Gander Collegiate Winter Carnival

Episode 2
Local Band appears at East Coast Music Awards and
Presentation on Women's Issues

Episode 3
Newfoundland Science Centre's 'Cardboard Box Race' and
St. Paul's Intermediate Science Fair

As well, students are part of Cable-9, Gander’s production crew working on shows such as "YQX", "Milepost 213", "Sessions", and "Your Health".

Through the establishment of the Media Technology Internship Program, Gander Collegiate is able to offer its students the opportunity to study television, video and media production as a part of their High School curriculum. Through a substantial grant from Human Resources Development Canada, a Video Production facility named Concorde Mediavision studio was constructed at Gander Collegiate. Through use of this facility, and in combination with a partnership arrangement with Cable Atlantic's Gander Studio as well as the support of corporate partners in Gander, students learn valuable skills through instruction as well hands-on video production experience.

Gander Collegiate’s Media Technology Internship Program was awarded the Conference Board of Canada / Royal Bank of Canada "PARTNERSHIP AWARD" for 2000-2001.

Stay tuned to SNN for more Spotlight on Schools from Gander Collegiate.

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