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Hannibal: One Scary Sequel
By: Ryan Van G., Mount Boucherie Secondary School, BC


Yes, so I have just finished reading the sequel to Silence of the Lambs, the very anticipated Hannibal by Thomas Harris. Although I had never heard of Thomas Harris previous to reading this book I must say I was extremely impressed by his writing skills. In just the first few pages I was hooked on seeing what this book had to offer me. If anyone liked Silence then Iíll bet they will love this book. The best quality about Harrisís writing is hands-down his descriptive prowess. Every event, every detail is described so clearly that it is not difficult to picture yourself in the storyline. I really enjoyed this book from beginning to end.

The characters are some old and some new, with Clarice and Dr. Lecter returning from the bone-chilling original. The characters are quite the motley crew in this book, being that Iím not even sure what to think of some of them. A super-strong woman who can crush walnuts in both fists, a bed-ridden pervert that also happens to be a millionaire, and a corrupt FBI official who thinks he can grab all the glory for himself is about all Iím going to let you in on. Like I already said, this book is extremely impressive so read it yourself before you call me a liar.

One last thing I need to mention before I terminate this book review is the squeamish factor. This book has many squeamish subjects and moments so it is definitely not for the faint of heart. I found many of the descriptions to be intensely graphic and powerful. Ok fine, just one clue. Someone might or might not get their feet chewed off during this story. Unbelievable eh? Anyway, thatís all for now folks as Iím moving on to another book and another day.

By the by, if anyone reading this wants to read Hannibal make sure you read the entire thing because it just gets better and better until the very end when there is a sweet surprise ending that will knock your socks right off!

Read this book and have a nice day!

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