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By: C.T., Crescent Collegiate, Blaketown, NF

I'm sure every teen, once in their life, has been offered drugs. Many teens when offered drugs for the first time are curious and may try it for that reason. But that's not the only reason why teens today use drugs.

The reasons could be peer pressure, trouble at home, to look cool or just because it makes them feel relaxed.

But what most teens don't realize is at the same time they are feeling relaxed they are also killing themselves. All the chemicals mixed into drugs are being released in their bodies, killing brain cells and possibly causing death.

Drugs are also costly which can cause problems for some young people. To pay for their drugs they might steal money from people. Their addiction to drugs can cause them to do whatever they can to get money. Drugs also affect their ability to study and therefore their school work suffers. Before long they are hooked on it, until drugs is the only thing on their mind.

Using drugs is not a good thing. Think before you use drugs and learn to make the right choice. Say no to Drugs.

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