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The Ultimate Cover-Up
By: Crystal C., Westgate Collegiate, Thunder Bay, NF

It’s a government conspiracy! I mean, what else could it possibly be? What am I talking about you ask? Clothes. More specifically their sizes.

Every store and every brand have their own sizing scale, and each one is different. You may be a size ten at one store, but at another, you could be a 16. Why is that?

I have a theory. There is constant pressure in society to be thin, so by changing the size of the clothes, they make you think you’ve gained weight, when in reality you haven’t. Their plan is to make you diet or develop an eating disorder. Both are “cool” in today’s society. Yeah right! The average woman is a size 12 or up, but do you think it’s easy for them to find trendy clothes that fit properly? What happened to the days when curves were sexy? Did they die with Marilyn Monroe, a statuesque size 10?

Not all actresses have gone the Calista Flockhart root and become walking sticks in designer dresses and artfully applied makeup. A recent issue of People magazine was dedicated to the rounder girls. Drew Barrymore wants to “eat fun meals and laugh and enjoy” herself. Sharon Stone, Kate Winslet and Catherine Zeta-Jones flaunt their voluptuous curves. Do I even need to mention Jennifer Lopez? Camryn Manheim’s “This one’s for the fat girls!” speech at the 1998 Emmy Awards will be forever remembered as a breaking point for plus size people.

So what can we do about this problem? Easy. Boycott all those stores that target their clothes at the thin. Shop at stores that carry clothes above a size six. Then maybe the stores will take the hint.

I take it back. It’s not a government conspiracy. It’s a Hollywood coverup. Too bad the clothes aren’t big enough to cover their trails.

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